Welcome, ExtREmists!

Welcome ERE

I’ve been getting many visitors on the site lately who are also interested in Early Retirement Extreme and Jacob Lund Fisker’s work. If you are one of them, I welcome you to Valiant Growth!

The two episodes that you are most interested (thanks, GA) are the extreme saving way and my book review of ERE.

Out of Context
Too radical?

I do have some other episodes that might interest you directly:

How To Spend $2/day on Food

This is a tactical episode, and a good companion to ERE food budget tactics, including a fun framework for quickly judging the price vs. value of any food

Book Review: Job Free: Four Ways to Quit the Rat Race by Jake Desyllas

This a concise and very well-written book on early retirement strategies. It features the familiar extreme saving, but also adds three new ways you might be unfamiliar with – and that you might blend for an even more powerful FI strategy (I did!)

Book Review: The Millionare Next Door by Thomas Stanley

Most of you aren’t aiming to be millionaires, but this book is still a great read on how actual millionaires are very much in line with frugal principles, despite popular media portrayal.

Career are a Scam

“Retire? But a [corporate employee] career is an important part of life and personal development!” In this episode, I explore and refute many arguments for the automatic growth-value of being a highly-specialized, 60+ hours/week employee.

My next two episodes might also interest you: one is on immediate retirement, the extremer version of early retirement extreme and the other on super frugal travelling in developed countries.

If you don’t want to miss them, you might either want to like the VG Facebook page for updates, subscribe on iTunes or get the 2.9MB Android app

More generally, if you are into ERE, you are into going beyond gimmicks/hacks and into frameworks, principles and philosophy. Well, Valiant Growth is all about that! Personal finance is part of the mix, but you will find a similar level of depth in my discussions of other key areas for growth and happiness: psychology, relationshipsproductivity and goals, to name a few.

The same way ERE went beyond finances to broadening my own horizons to DIY, health and lifestyle, I aim to do the same for you with Valiant Growth, bringing you the connection between earning self-esteem, building amazing relationships and achieving freedom in one, 5 episode/week package.

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Thanks for coming by! Also, thanks Jacob for mentioning Valiant Growth!

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