Valiant Growth Become More Frequent!

The show has experienced a significant growth spurt over the last week! A big thanks to those who share the podcast on social media, like on Facebook and Youtube, and leave a review on iTunes! Since I can’t afford to advertise, and am hard to find through organic search just yet, this is my main means of increasing reach, so all of you are doing me a great favor.

Also, the format is changing starting this week, where I am transitioning from 4 episodes/week to 5 episodes/week! Each episode will be released from Monday to Friday, by at most 5 PM UK time (GMT +1, currently).

Also, each Saturday, I will be featuring a “guest podcast”, where I take a podcast episode that I’ve found great value in, add my own pitch as an intro, and share it with you. This might vary, of course, on whether I can get permissions, but I do have a couple already lined up.

The takeaway: Valiant Growth is being worked on to be your DAILY source of information, inspiration and encouragement!

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