022 – Getting to Mindful Eating: Interview with Rande Moss, Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Wellness Coach

Rande Moss Getting to Mindful Eating

In this episode I pick my expert guest’s brain into taking our approach to the next (self-knowledgeable) level! She talks about how she moved from several months long (!) juice cleanses and all sorts of fasts to a no-diet diet of mindfulness and self-acceptance, how body image problems can be unrelated to weight in the essence, how to get to self-acceptance and teaching yourself to be mindful of your body, what obstacles can come up the way, teaching children healthy eating habits and attitudes, men’s and women’s approaches to eating and her experiences in coaching people on this path. All in all, a great and rich conversation on an often overlooked subject!

Rande Moss’ Website for resources and coaching services

If you wish to explore the subject further, the book mentioned in this podcast is Intuitive Eating by Evelin Tribole and Elyse Resch. If you consider buying it, when you actually do please come back to the website and click through this Amazon Affiliate link! Thank you.

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